Embrace the cold with hypoallergenic eiderdown outerwear

Embrace the cold with hypoallergenic eiderdown outerwear

Staying warm and cozy is always a top priority. However, finding suitable outerwear can be challenging for those with allergies. Many traditional winter jackets and coats are filled with materials that can trigger allergies, making the winter season uncomfortable for many. Enter Eiderdown, a hypoallergenic duvet that offers warmth, comfort, and allergy relief. 

The Hypoallergenic Qualities of Eiderdown

  • Natural Dust Mite Repellent

    Eiderdown is the soft, fine feathers of the eider duck, a large sea duck found in the colder regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The eider duck's feathers have a natural oil that repels dust mites, one of the most common allergens in bedding and clothing. This makes Eiderdown an excellent choice for those with dust mite allergies.

    • Resistant to Bacteria and Fungi

      The natural oil in Eiderdown also makes it resistant to bacteria and fungi, common triggers for allergies and asthma. This means that Eiderdown outerwear is less likely to harbour allergens, keeping you comfortable and healthy throughout winter.

      • Hypoallergenic Filling

        Many winter jackets and coats are filled with synthetic materials or down from other birds, which can trigger allergies in some people. Conversely, Eiderdown is a natural and hypoallergenic filling that is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

        • Superior Warmth and Comfort

          Eiderdown is known for its exceptional insulating properties. It has a unique structure that traps air and creates a natural barrier against the cold. This means that eiderdown outerwear will keep you warmer than jackets and coats filled with synthetic materials or other down types.

          • Lightweight

            Despite its superior warmth, Eiderdown is incredibly lightweight. This makes eiderdown outerwear comfortable to wear and easy to pack for trips.

            • Luxurious Feel

              Eiderdown has a soft and luxurious feel, making it a pleasure to wear. It is also highly breathable, which means it will keep you warm without causing you to sweat.


              So, as the cold months approach, consider investing in eiderdown outerwear for a warm, comfortable, and allergy-free winter.


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