About us - The Olmsted Outerwear's Story

Protect. Be Protected.

Be a protector while staying  protected. Sustainably harvested eiderdown promotes biodiversity.

Major insulation. Minimal impact.

Positive Luxury inspired by the raw beauty of Canadian winter, carefully made with sustainably sourced natural fibers, Olmsted Outerwear is a way to simultaneously protect and be protected from the elements.


Our outerwear is a shift in thinking. Crafted to weather Montreal weather (aka the coldest winters) and leave a very minimal mark on nature.

Protect yourself from the elements.

With insulating capacity so advanced that it adapts to the body's temperature, Eiderdown is the pinnacle of all down. A luxurious natural fiber, it’s never farmed, always wild and resists the harshest conditions and natural selection.

Protect migrations & the natural rhythm of things.

For us, the “rhythm of things” is a circular economy: A harvest that generates and infuses funds into concrete measures for the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment. 

In the St.Lawrence Estuary, the sustainable harvest of eiderdown creates an extraordinary partnership between humans and eider. And the benefits from the harvest have led to the acquisition, protection and conservation of several nesting islands.

So,  we work with migrations and the natural rhythms of our ecosystem - all while designing outerwear that works it in every way.