Naturally Warm

Olmsted outerwear coats are insulated with Canadian eiderdown sustainably harvested on the protected islands of the St.Lawrence Estuary and northerly regions of Québec.

In Canada, eiderdown is the only down with a 100% down appellation.

Eiderdown is the warmest and rarest in the world.
This most luxurious down has a unique high density and breathability. Its insulating capacity is so advanced that it adapts to the body's temperature. Eiderdown will resist the test of time with extraordinary elasticity and resilience; this precious natural fibre is incredibly durable. Containing no feather, it can be compressed repetitively and still recover its initial volume, meaning it never loses its lofting capacity.

Eiderdown has been harvested for a millennial
Eiderdown has unique properties recognized by Icelanders going back a thousand years, and for at least three centuries by the first inhabitants of New France, which eventually became Québec. These early French settlers, overwhelmed by the harshness of Canadian winters, negotiated the purchase of eiderdown from the Indigenous people of the Lower North Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

Down provides approximately three times the warmth per ounce than even the best synthetics and has a significantly lower carbon footprint. Canadian eiderdown is a uniquely renewable resource, naturally biodegradable, with unrivalled insulation characteristics.

Eiderdown is not a by-product of the meat industry, meaning no industrial farming infrastructures, no unethical treatment or cruelty. When harvesting eiderdown from the nests, no bird is harmed in the process. The regulated annual harvest yields precious scientific data about the migrating bird population used by biologists and The Canadian Wildlife Service to manage the species and its habitat.

Waterfowls are subjected to extreme weather conditions and adapt to their surroundings; wild down has inherently superior grip and density. A wild duck has a lifespan of 10 to 24 years in the wild. The plumules of mature birds are much larger and, therefore, more insulating.

Weatherproofed shell Waxed cotton
Halley Stevensons in Dundee Scotland are expert wax masters proofing fabric against the elements since 1864.

Our luxurious organic cotton canvas has been weatherproofed the old-fashioned way, without PFOAs or formaldehyde, giving it not only a unique appearance but an extreme resistance to the elements. The fabrics are breathable, the wax adjusting to ambient temperature to be softer/more breathable in warm weather and stiffer/more windproof in cold conditions. Its proofing can be maintained by applying wax to the surface, keeping it soft, supple and weather-resistant. The densely woven cotton is strong and reliable, while the finish ensures that the fabric looks better with age. The wax naturally picks up marks and creases through use, which adds to the character of the fabric itself. Garments continually adapt to the wearers' personality, creating unique, one-of-a-kind products.

Swiss Made Hardware without plastic
Olmsted's high-quality, N°10 metal nickel-free zippers are incredibly robust and custom-made in Switzerland by riri. Founded in 1936 in Mendrisio, the company maintains its production in Switzerland. And remains committed to a manufacturing process based on ethical and sustainable practices.

Sheepskin & Leather Finish:
While we will always avoid synthetics favouring sustainable natural fibres, our range of sheepskins and leather is upcycled, local and therefore variable. We buy used lots from luxury brands overstock. We adapt our styles to the available dead stock and not the other way around. We also consciously and sparingly use these fibres as functional ties and insulating liners.