Weatherproofed in Scotland, since 1864

Halley Stevensons in Dundee, Scotland are the expert wax masters since 1864.

Olmsted coats are made of premium waxed canvas weatherproofed the old-fashioned way.

Naturally breathable, the wax outers adjusts to ambient temperature to be softer/more breathable in warm weather and stiffer/more windproof in cold conditions.

One-of-a-kind pieces

With extreme resistance to the elements

Looks better with age

The wax finish naturally picks up marks and creases through use, looks better with age and continually adapts to the wearers' personality to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Our wax finish uses plant-based waxes. All components are biodegradable, are considered vegan friendly, and are natural by-products from the food industry.

Without PFOAs or formaldehyde, naturally.

The pinnacle of down

Harvested for a millennial by Icelanders and the Indigenous peoples of Canada. 20% of Eiderdown's world harvest comes from Canadian High Arctic Islands, notably Quebec.

Mainly prized and known in Japan and Germany, The word "eiderdown" is a derivative of the word oedardun, meaning eider duck's down.

Collected by hand from wild eider ducks' nests, harvested once a year and available in very limited quantity, Eiderdown is understandably the rarest, highest-priced and most desirable down in the world. 

With insulating capacity so advanced that it adapts to the body's temperature, Eiderdown is the pinnacle of down. A luxurious natural fibre, never farmed, always wild, that resists the harshest conditions and natural selection.

Olmsted's high-quality, N°10 metal nickel-free zippers are incredibly robust and custom-made in Switzerland by riri.

Founded in 1936 in Mendrisio, the company maintains its production in Switzerland.
And remains committed to a manufacturing process based on ethical and sustainable practices.

Our main challenge is to avoid plastic, favouring long-lasting natural materials.
Therefore, our most reliable and sturdy hardware is made of durable brass, in a neat black copper finish that blends smoothly with Olmsted's clean aesthetic.