Be Protected. Outerwear With Purpose

High in conscience, Utility conscious.

Positive luxury designed to weather, whatever.

We’re pretty passionate about seeking the very best things -  that are also the very kindest things.

Like the warmest and lightest down on earth - to be more specific. And, the fierce  protection of habitats and sustainable down harvesting practices. We work with migrations and the natural rhythms of our ecosystem - all while designing outerwear that works it in every way.

We like to call our collections, Sustainable & Positive luxury.

Wearing rare well should also mean wearing your values well. Our timeless and functional pieces reflect our deep, wild respect for the nature that sustains us.

By wearing an Olmsted, you’re breathing life into a supply chain infused with positive impact and one that gives back to land conservation and the protection of biodiversity. 

Collected by hand from wild eider ducks' nests and harvested once a year (and available in very limited quantity) Eiderdown is understandably the rarest, highest-priced and most desirable down in the world. 

So naturally, we built our brand and looks from it.

See you out there.