Built to weather the storm

Founded on a quest to re-imagine northern climate outerwear, Olmsted coats are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and are thoughtfully designed as timeless pieces. Crafted from sustainably sourced naturally renewable material, Olmsted Outerwear coats and jackets have a low carbon footprint, contribute to natural land preservation and promote biodiversity.

Born from Montreal's Winter

Frederick Law Olmsted

Responsible for designing countless public parks including, Central Park in NYC and Montreal's beloved Mount Royal Park, Frederick Law Olmsted's legacy as a social critic, naturalist and activist in the early conservation movement serves as fitting inspiration for our company's own multiplicity of concerns.

Olmsted Outerwear's values align with the principles of "true materialism," a term coined by fashion academic Kate Fletcher to describe a movement that "encourages a new and deeper reverence for material goods like clothing." Caring for things the way we should care for the environment, knowing their origin, protecting and cherishing them for years instead of buying into the fast fashion illusion is what Olmsted Outerwear is all about.

Founded by
Mélanie Ellezam

A keen observer and staunch perfectionist, Mélanie has always aimed for aesthetic precision and ethical practices—all of which come together in her latest endeavour, Olmsted Outerwear. For Mélanie, an outdoor buff with the fashion eye of a Parisienne and the can-do attitude of a typical Québécoise, there is no reason why sustainability should exclude great fit and high style. A firm believer in reducing quantity in favour of quality, Mélanie has worked tirelessly to fine-tune the coats' minute details to achieve an exceptional level of comfort and durability.

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