Keep warm. Keep Kind. Keep wild.

That’s our north star as we work with migrations and the natural rhythms of our ecosystem to design protective outerwear from 100% sustainably harvested wild Canadian eiderdown - the rarest on earth.


La collection Re-Nylon & Édredon



La Collection Coton Ciré & Eider


Welcome to warmth, re-imagined. Where keeping it wild means keeping it kind.

Protéger & être protégé. Simultanément.

Nous travaillons avec les migrations et les rythmes naturels de notre écosystème - tout en concevant des manteaux qui permettent d'y prendre part en toutes saisons.

Collected by hand from wild eider ducks' nests and harvested once a year (and available in very limited quantity) Eiderdown is understandably the rarest, highest-priced and most desirable down in the world. 

So naturally, we built our brand and looks from it.

Préservez la nature sauvage.

Certified Wild Canadian Eiderdown

By wearing an Olmsted, you’re breathing life into a supply chain infused with positive impact and one that gives back to land conservation and the protection of biodiversity.