Protect yourself from the elements with highly functional pieces - sparked, driven and inspired by the will to be sustainable in all ways.

We only craft our outerwear from wild Canadian eiderdown & the highest quality materials.

Canadian Eiderdown is the rarest, most valuable source of down on the planet. Blissfully light, it’s an exquisite marvel of nature with fabled insulation properties that adjust to the ambient temperature. 

Amazing isn’t it?

Canadian eiderdown the warmest lightest down on earth

is harvested once a year.

Be a protector while staying protected. Sustainably harvested eiderdown promotes biodiversity.

Protect. Migrations & the natural rhythm of things.

For us, the “rhythm of things” is a circular economy: A harvest that generates and infuses funds into concrete measures for the conservation and enhancement of the natural environment.

Collected by hand from wild eider ducks' nests. Unlike down from breeding farms - which invariably come from slaughtering birds - no bird is harmed in the harvesting process.

Instead, this regulated harvest creates a safe and respectful partnership between humans and eider. And, the benefits derived from the harvest have actually led to the acquisition, protection and conservation of several nesting islands.

Be protected.

Duly authorized

by the Canadian Wildlife Service

Olmsted relies exclusively on Canadian eiderdown harvested by the non-profit DUVETNOR society - duly authorized by the Canadian Wildlife Service to collect and market wild eiderdown - issued under the Migratory Birds Regulations.

When carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the permit, eiderdown collection
follows strict rules so as not to hinder the conservation of the species and generates the acquisition of scientific data that helps to better monitor the breeding populations of this species.

Warm & wanderlusty

Eiderdown has such an advanced  insulation capacity that it adapts to the body's temperature - setting the bar for all other downs.

It’s the lightest, warmest and rarest down on earth - never farmed, always wild.

Always gorgeous.